Mi Vida en Mallorca

In my first week in Mallorca I have spent a lot of time soaking up the mild temperatures and relatively high UV rays. The air is fresh and remarkably cleaner than in New Orleans. While the air was a big problem for me in New Orleans I miss my friends terribly. (Your photos are making me extremely jealous, friends!).
But back to Mallorca…
My grandmother’s flat is situated in the main city of Palma de Mallorca. I have spent all but one chilly day sitting on this terrace overlooking the many people passing by.
I have done my fair share of people watching. I saw an entire troupe of tourists with the exact same hard-shell pink suitcase, can you say “girls trip”? I still don’t understand why they invested in identical suitcases…seems like a waste of money to me but I guess they will always be able to find each other!
Since the terrace doesn’t conceal my people watching eyes people watch me too…there is nothing like turning my head and seeing a middle aged woman sitting at the bus stop and staring up at me.
I keep getting lost in the hours on the terrace because I haven’t had this much unbroken relaxation time in quite a while. I slept until 11 o’clock one day and I think the last time I did that was 10 years ago. It was extremely disorienting.
My increasingly terrible tan lines are reflective of my time spent on the terrace reading. My legs look like ombre from the days I have worn cropped pants or shorts, but what might be worse is the farmer’s tan I need to correct. I guess this is practice for Cambodia because the modest clothing requirement is going to give me the most epic farmer’s tan and calf-down tan. I guess it is time to embrace the ombre. In the grand scheme of things I think my tan lines might be the least of my worries during my stay in Cambodia. I. would grace you with a photo of this ombre masterpiece, however, the photo was on my iPhone which has sadly permanently turned out is lights on me (literally).
The week ahead is jam pack with excursions, meeting new friends, a little tennis and a trip to London to visit my aunt. For now I will leave you with this photo from my excursion today to Alcúdia. This photo is overlooking the Badia d’Alcúdia with the Serra de Tramuntana in the background.
From the East Hemisphere,
❤ Lauren

One thought on “Mi Vida en Mallorca

  1. Well, I got a sunburn, while in the shade!!! oh well My beauty pageant days are long gone…. oh wait never had pageant days!!!!


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