What’s Cookin’?

One of my absolute favorite tropical fruits, dragonfruit!
This magical fruit is high in….


Have you heard of Taro before?
Have you ever lightly fried it and put sugar on it. 
It tastes slightly like a potato.
Dang it is yummy!

IMG_0474Let me introduce you to the beauty that is Cambodian waffles.
There are
real pieces of fresh coconut meat in that waffle.
Can you say yum?
Did I mention it only costs $0.12….!!!

A very typical Cambodian breakfast…
Coytiew (Chinese white noodles, in a yummy broth with beef)
Plus an iced coffee with a crap ton of sweetened condensed milk mixed in.



A delicious mid day snack…Soymilk with chia seeds!


Rice field shrimp…
Shockingly good in this yummy fried patty form!



When you can’t get ice cream in your village…..
your sister mashes bananas and mixes it with shredded coconut and roasted peanuts.
It may not be ice cream but it is close and tasty!


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